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New Website

Hi everyone! 

I know, I know...I'm really the worst about adding things to the blog. I could be better, but with a full-time job and 2 small kids... we all know that might not be happening. But, I do have some exciting news. I'm creating a new website! Woo. When that will be up? That depend on my pickiness. But, if you can't wait for my new site to be finished, but still want to see my most recent sessions, stay up to date by visiting my gallery site


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For example, you would like to see Corinna and Drew's wedding that I said in my last post I was shooting in October 2015! You can check that out on the gallery site. It's beautiful! Seriously, Corinna was a stunning bride! Again, I am horrible about blogging. 

If you would like to chat about me doing a session for you, please email me at


Corinna and Drew / Engagements Session

Meet Corinna and Drew. I meet up with these two in the middle of June for their engagement session. We had to reschedule a few times for conflicts and they were so awesome to meet me at an earlier time then I usually like to shoot, but hey, life sometimes gets in the way and you shoot when you can. I LOVE these images. I'm so glad that we meet when we did. The light is just so fun! We meet up at the Washington Marlett Memorial park. These two are amazing! I'm so excited that I get to shoot their wedding in October. I LOVE October weddings! They are so fun to shoot. It's cool, but still green and beautiful. The colors are just turing yellow and orange and the light is just stunning in October. I can not wait for their wedding!

Leighann and Derrick / Engagements Session

I seriously love, LOVE, my job! I love meeting new people and getting to photograph their love for each other. These two were no exception. They are now within the top tiers of favorite sessions of all times! Leighann and Derrick killed it on their engagement session. I meet up with them at the Konza at the end of April. Such a beautiful location and month here in Kansas. These two were hilarious to shoot with. They just played the whole time we were together. Most of the time I didn't even have to pose them. They would just pose themselves and I would shoot. AGAIN it was a fantastic evening! You would have to agree with me after scanning through these images. SO in LOVE!!! Congrats to Leighann and Derrick. I also got to shoot either wedding which was at the end of May. Will be posting that soon, so stay tuned! 

Sidenote: I am terrible at posting /updating the blog, so high fives for me for getting a session up so close to the actual event. :)